Can you consider Chaga mushroom tea for cancer treatment?

In Siberia and Russia, Chaga Mushroom tea is being considered to be health elixir. The tea powder is being prepared from strange looking and irregular shape mushroom growing along the birch tree barks. It is very popular since it strengthens immunity system. Apart from this, it is also very potent in the treatment of cancer. Having a solid, black and charcoal like appearance, Chaga is different from other kinds of mushrooms. Being parasitic in nature, it can contribute towards the death of the host. The texture is almost like that of cork and its inside has the cream color and rusted color. Interestingly, the mushroom was introduced by none other than Alexandr Solzhenitsyn in the popular novel ‘Cancer Ward’. It is shown in the novel itself how the person suffering from the fatal disease is being cured with the powerful Chaga Mushroom. Chaga mushroom drew a lot of attention when it comes to treating cancer.

Chaga Mushroom Tea

Chaga tea having cancer fighting abilities

The mushroom, Chaga, has cancer combating abilities and works best on liver cancer, uterus and breast cancer. As per the researches, cancer cells cannot grow when exposed to the extracts of Chaga. Later on it was revealed that this powerful tea can also inhibit the development of tumor. Cells of the Chaga mushroom extract are in fact more resistant towards DNA damage when exposed to oxidating agent. Apart from this, Chaga mushroom is loaded with polysaccharides, phytochemicals and such antioxidants which are found only in the cancer fighting herbs. Many of the substances in Chaga Mushroom can only be detected in medicinal mushroom and are considered for imparting anti-cancer properties. Being the active source of betulinic acid, the mushroom can fight tumors while combating viral infections.

Chaga mushroom tea preparation

Previously, Chaga Mushroom was consumed as tea in Russia. Here the inner parts of Chaga mushroom was shredded and then softened and soaked in cold water for some time. The remnants of Chaga were discarded and the water was boiled to prepared tea. The resultant tea was then combined with the essence to prepare a tasty drink. It was brewed and served. The taste of the Chaga Mushroom Tea is pretty bitter and carries coffee like aroma and flavor. It can fight tumors, strengthen immunity system, combat stomach infection, diabetes, viral infection, hypertension, etc. Now, it is also showing the signs of treating HIV. If patients of cancer intake Chaga tea, it would act as complimentary treatment. But, patients must discuss out the suitability of the tea with their doctors before using it. The world is now completely realizing the benefits of Chaga tea and using it along with the cancer treatment pills. It treats and cures the existing ailment while preventing the occurrence of other deadly diseases.

According to Shen Nong, the Chinese herbalist, the Chaga mushroom is the precious gift of nature. The superior herb is being classified as the ‘King of Herbs’. The tea imparts heath benefits and thus it is valuable. It is the healing elixir and the extracts of Chaga can even be prepared at home.

Chaga Mushroom Tea Benefits How To Make Chaga Mushroom Tea

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